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Spa Services

What would a weekend away be with out a wonderful massage to complete the pampering experience? Cropping Daze offers an "in house" massage therapist who will amaze you with her talents!

Meet our therapist - Deb Rose. Deb is a Certified Massage Therapist (C.M.T.) who owns and operates "A Time to Unwind - Massage Therapy" in Chesaning. Deb has recently teamed up with Cropping Daze and together we extend to you the opportunity to PAMPER YOURSELF with one or more of the following services provided exclusively for patrons of CROPPING DAZE RETREAT.

Services are provided most weekends that Cropping Daze Retreat operates.  
Space and times available can be limited depending on weekend.
Pre-registration not required but appreciated.

"Body Tune Up" 
Warm rocks, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology and muscle stretches are all used to address and help relieve muscle tension & problem areas throughout the whole body. (Moms-to-be please see A Note to the Pregnant)
Whole body - about 50-60 minutes                        $60.00

"Relaxation Massage"
Warm rocks are applied to the back and shoulders to warm up tired muscles.  Then, soothing Swedish Massage movements are used to help you unwind and relax, taking away the cares of the day and helping your body to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  (Moms-to-be please see A Note to the Pregnant)
Whole body - about 35-40 min.                             $40.00

"Target Massage"
Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Reflexology and muscle stretches are used to address target areas of tension to bring relief to problem areas such as low back, shoulders/neck, arms, legs & sciatica.  (Moms-to-be please see A Note to the Pregnant)
Target area - about 25-30 minutes                        $30.00

**A Note to the Pregnant**
I now have "Pregnancy Pillows" that offer support and comfort to the stomach and chest areas. This allows for the mom-to-be to lay face down during the massage instead of having to be in a side posture position. These have been "mom-to-be" tested  and said to be quite comfortable. When laying on the back, the end of the massage table is raised to a comfortable (15 - 20%) degree so that the mom-to-be is laying, not uncomfortably flat, but in a relaxed, reclining position.

"Hand/Foot Massage"
 A mask or scented scrub is applied to the feet and then they are wrapped in warm towels.  While the heat is sinking in, enjoy a relaxing hand massage.  Make sure to bring socks or "footies".  I will warm them up and put them on your feet after they are massaged and pampered. (This can be combined with the Relaxation, Body Tune-Up, or Target massage.)
Hands and Feet - about 15-20 minutes                  $20.00

"Warm Foot Massage"
A scented scrub of your choice is massaged into the feet.  Then, warm towels are wrapped around the feet to dissolve the scrub and to help sooth those tired feet.  Finish up with a relaxing foot masssage.  (This can be combined with the Relaxation, Body Tune-Up, or Target massage.)
Feet - about 10-15 minutes                                    $15.00


Services are provided most weekends that Cropping Daze Retreat operates. Space and times available can be limited depending on weekend. Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis. To check availability visit click on "Cropping Daze" and then click on "Appointments" to the right of the page.

Pre-registration is especially beneficial to those who would like a particular time slot but will not be checking in until later in the evening. Pre-registration is not required but it is appreciated!! (and helps me plan the weekends accordingly)

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (989) 845-5212 or email me at

For those of you with Thursday check in, there may be times available Thursday evening and/or Friday during the day. There have also been times when guests checking in on Friday have wanted something earlier on Friday before the normal evening schedule. Sometimes these special requests can be accommodated if I know in advance and can plan for them.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Cash, credit cards and personal checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to Deb Rose.

**Gift Certificates and pre-paid packages are available **
Getting together at the Retreat for a special occassion and want to have a unique gift? Want to do something for your croppin' buddy or that someone special? Surprise them with a prepaid package or a gift certificate that lets them pick the pampering of their choice. Please call (989) 845-5212 or email for more information.
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