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he Difference
What sets us apart from the other scrapbooking retreats out there?   Take a moment and let us tell you!

  1. Cropping Daze has a GIGANTIC cropping room – over 1200 sq. feet of space for you to pursue your favorite hobby! The room features its own furnace and air conditioning , so YOU have control over the temperature. It also has its own bathroom. For your comfort, the floor has been raised and insulated, and EACH cropper/hobbiest has her OWN 8-FOOT TABLE with natural Ott lighting, electrical outlets, and cozy upholstered swivel chair. The tables are also the nice heavy duty ones – not the kind that when you pound a grommet, your hammer bounces up and hits you in the head! Our cropping room has been modified for your comfort – you can bring every supply you own – even the kitchen sink – and there would still be plenty of room to move around your area and the other croppers. Also, you don’t have to carry your cropping gear up OR down stairs! Our cropping room is on the ground floor. Please visit the caption “Our Cropping Room” for more of the awesome details and pictures.

  2. Cropping Daze prides itself on our HOME COOKED MEALS.  We think you are too special to just pick up the phone and order pizza!  We want your experience with us to be unforgettable.  We want you to leave our dining area and wonder what yummy thing we will be serving for your next meal or what snack will magically appear in the cropping room.  Our menu changes 2 times a year – and we think every dish is wonderful – something special you would not normally cook for yourself at home.  We serve 5 wonderful, home cooked meals, plus scrumptious desserts and appitizers!

  3. Speaking of our dining experience…each guest has her OWN PLACE at the dinner table!  No T.V. trays, no “belly up to the island” on a stool.  You will have your own chair at a nice table with cloth napkins, and candlelight in the evenings.  You will experience a quiet, softly lit, cozy dining area, away from the hustle, bustle and brightness of the busy cropping room.   Again, we want you to feel pampered and spoiled.

  4. Our home is nestled in a quiet neighborhood with a beautiful yard and a nice deck to sit and relax if you need a break from scrapbooking.  If the weather is bad, retreat to our family room or living room for a few moments of peace and quiet.  We are within walking distance (3 blocks) to the quaint village of Chesaning, where you can visit antique and specialty shops, take a walk along the river to view the waterfall and antique iron bridge, or just experience the ambiance of the friendly town, where people actually say hello and aren’t grumpy!  It’s just a darn cute little town!

  5. There are NO RULES in our cropping room about when you have to stop “pounding eyelets.”  Pound them all night long, if you wish.  The cropping area is far enough away from the guest rooms so you don’t have to be “quiet” when other people go to bed.

  6. There are TWO HOSTESSES on staff at all times to cater to your every need.  We promise not to be intrusive or under your feet…we just want you to feel special.  You deserve all the extra attention!

  7. Our guest rooms are cozy, designed with rest and relaxation in mind.   You will have YOUR VERY OWN BED.  We’re sure that you will be very comfortable – that is, IF you decide to sleep!  The beds, mattresses, pillows, linens, and comforters are all comfy and cozy.  All beds are twin sized and none of them are bunk beds, pullout sofas or roll-aways.

  8. Cropping Daze does not make promises we cannot keep.  We don’t make our retreat out to be more than it is.  When we tell you we’re going to pamper you and make you feel special, WE MEAN IT!  YOU are our number one priority and we don’t ever want you to leave feeling less than satisfied.   This retreat was designed with YOU in mind.  Something different from the rest…something more.

  9. We’re not just for scrapbookers!  We would love to cater to your quilting, beading, tole painting, or other crafty group.  There’s nothing like going away for a weekend with people who share your passion and creativity.  Each of our tables has it’s own power outlet…plug in your sewing machine and go crazy!

  10. We have added natural OTT lamps for optimal lighting and wireless connection for those who wish to bring their laptop computers for internet access.

These are just a FEW of the things that set us apart from other scrapbook retreats.  We don’t want to tell you EVERYTHING and ruin the other surprises!  You’ll just have to come and stay with us to experience the rest!
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